Let the Games….er…Continue!

Soooo, I happened to fly away from town as soon as the Ravellenic Games began (a fiber-fanatic event that coincides with the Olympics, if you’re wondering). The games run through Aug. 12, and today, I figure I’ll go ahead and share my plans…and progress. Because a flight and a lonely hotel stay make for lots of knitty progress.

Before we begin, let me tell you that I’ve no interest in formally playing the games. I’m not posting in the games threads. Just sharing my progress with Team Spunky Rumpus (RUMPUS!) as we go. The Tour kind of wore me out on posting everything everywhere. That said, I did choose a few events to “compete” in: Baby Dressage, Handspun Heptathalon, Sockput/Synchronized Stashbusting, Weaving Vault.

So. First off, for the Handspun Heptathlalon, I’ve just about wrapped up my Field of Dreams spin. I’m psyched to have a look at the n-plied skeins next to the fractal-plied skeins. Then I’ll proceed with spinning up some of my Fleece to Finish samples (I hear you saying “yeah, right”) and Club fibers from July, which include these:

Spunky Club July ’12 – 12 ounces of Portuguese Merino in “A Bug’s Life”



SCF Club July ’12 – 8ish ounces of mixed Corriedale in “Poppy”

SCF Batt Club July ’12 – 4ish ounces BFL-Tencel in “Banskia”

I got an extra bump of Spunky Club fiber as a prize during Tour de Fleece, so there’s a full 12 ounces of that to spin. I’m thinking lightweight singles for that fiber. And I was quite enamored with Weekend Knitter’s cabled yarn the other day, and since I have no real plans for Poppy, and it’s Corriedale, which means it’ll spin itself, I think I might make that my first attempt at that sort of yarn. And for the Banksia batts, I’m thinking laceweight. But we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

For the Weaving Vault, right now I just want to finish what;s already on the loom:

This is the April Spunky Weaving Club project, and I can’t believe I’ve left it this long. If I can knock that one off the loom, I might also tackle this:

Which is the next Spunky Weaving Club project. It came with a beautiful pickup stick, made by Ms. Amy’s dad, a lovely personal touch.

For Baby Dressage, I’ve gotten this far:

That’s going to be a Baby Sophisticate cardigan, and I’m using some handspun from TdF 2011. It was a combo spin. There’s Spunky Club Corriedale/Mordor in the mix, as well as some BFL in two colorways (Bohemian and Sunflowers) from other dyers who I regrettably cannot remember. I’m just about to the garter edge at the bottom of the body here, so I’ve a feeling this one is going to be easy enough to finish on time. Maybe there’ll even be enough yarn left for some booties. Or a hat. Or something.

And finally, for the Sockput and Synchronized Stashbusting, I’ve got this on the needles:

These are going to be a plain ol’ simple pair of 3×1 ribbed socks, knit up in my first ever Spunky Club handspun. It’s Romney in the color Tuxedo Rose, and I think it also might have been my first not-just-for-practice n-ply. To be honest, I can feel that it’s a beginner yarn as I knit with it, but it’s not messing up my results at all, so I’m gonna just roll with it. I’m about a half-inch from the heel turn, so…yay!

There’s plenty of fun stuff going on…lotsa people knitting, spinning and weaving lotsa things. I’m definitely underachieving, by comparison. But it means I have time to futz around with other projects, which, after a month devoted to spinning, spinning and more spinning, and with holiday projects looming on the horizon, is a necessity right now.

Crap. That’s the first time I’ve mentioned holiday projects, isn’t it? I’d better start working on a plan…

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I may or may not have: A. Dirt B. Ink C. Paint D. Wool under my fingernails.
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2 Responses to Let the Games….er…Continue!

  1. I love how you keep up with so many projects! That would have my mind reeling!! Everything is gorgeous though and I can’t wait to get a loom now and try weaving. Just need to get one the Girl Child can’t dismantle, lol! Good luck in the games!

    And thanks for the compliment on the cabled yarn. :) I am going to spin another…as soon as I figure out this lace stuff….

    • Emily says:

      Thanks! The weaving is fun, and burns through stash. But yeah…I do tend to cast on a gazillion things then settle on a handful to work on. Gotta have my traveling project, my movie-watching project, my fiddly project, my before-coffee-takes-effect project and my after-coffee-takes-effect project…
      Seriously…I just want to knit and spin all the things…

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