We Have Sleeves, People!

Don’t let this picture mislead you:

As of this morning, this cardigan-of-my-heart has two sleeves.

Which means finishing it will probably become my obsession for at least the next week.

That always seems to happen. Knit here and there on a thing until the end is in sight, and then go Go GO! Although, to be fair, I’ve never put this one down for long. It’s just taking a while.

While I’m finishing it, I will probably also use this project…

As a rest stop, since it’s all stockinette, and…well…it’s almost a sock. Much handier for carrying around than almost-a-cardigan.

See how all of a sudden it goes from darkish to lightish? Yeah. I’m not sure if I love that or hate it. It’s rather abrupt. But…then again…I’m knitting these to be sort of slouchy socks, so it probably won’t matter much in the wearing.

Also…it looks big, doesn’t it? But I tried it on, and it fits perfectly. So that big-looking-ness is an illusion of some kind.

Or I’m suffering a delusion of some kind.

This morning I finished plying some yarn…

These two spins are done now. The jury is out on whether the finished yarns want to play together, but if they do, my plan is to make a pair of Fiddlehead Mittens. (That link is to a Google Image Search. Lots of people have made Fiddleheads.) 

I still need to decide if I want to spin something for the lining, or if I want to go ahead and use some commercial yarn for that. Oh, and yes…I also still need to see if the two handspun yarns want to be friends. They look pretty close, gauge-wise, at the moment, but all bets are off until they’ve had their spa treatment.

In the meantime, I realized it’s been a while since I’ve spun anything I dyed myself, so this hopped onto the wheel this morning:

I’m going to ply it, eventually, with this:

Both are BFL, 4 ounces each. And the spin is actually a test-run. I have 20 ounces of the May Spunky Club fiber (also BFL) that I want to spin sportweight for a cardigan, and before I do, I want to work on getting a consistent sportweight spin out of BFL.

Let’s see…I haven’t started anything new on the loom since I finished the Rustic Silk Scarf, but my plan is to get this warped this weekend:

That’s the April Spunky Weaving Club yarn, and I had promised myself to finish those before the new ones came. I don’t think I’ll make it this time…I’m just going to be too busy finishing that cardigan.

Other updates:

  • The garden is planted. Now if it would just rain. Is it ever going to? Sheesh. There were many sightings of Trevor the Toad and his/her various offspring. One smallish fella is living under the oregano. Trevor him/herself still occupies the toad-shanty I made out of a broken porcelain pitcher and some rocks.
  • I fell down (again) in the yarn department last week, and said yarn arrived yesterday. One of these days, the yarn is going to disappoint, and then maybe I’ll stop falling down. But not this time.
  • Here is my husbandperson’s band, playing the first song off their record:


  • You can get the EP here, if you’re interested. (Download or vinyl.)

Happy Knitting, Spinning, Weaving and Music-Lovin’, friends!

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One Response to We Have Sleeves, People!

  1. Stacey says:

    The fiddlehead mittens! I have had those in my queue for months now!! I know I’m going to be so late knitting those up this year…But I have to have a pair!

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