Garter Stitch Hearts Handspun

So, I think I showed you guys this initial pic of the finished Rikke Hat in handspun Polwarth/Glass Gem (Southern Cross Fibre)?


Well, I took a couple more pics to make the finishing official.

Want to see?


See the hangdog expression there? It might be because this particular Rikke Hat is no longer living with me.

I was really all set for this to be my main winter hat this year, but then I went to a party after one of the husband’s gigs, and a friend of mine was going out into the cold, cold night for a cig, and I said, “Here! Wear this hat, it’s freaking cold out there.”

When she was walking back in, I was really struck by how very very lovely she looked in the hat, so when she tried to give it back, I said, “It’s yours now.”

So the hat has sailed off to spend its winter in Alabama with her, and happy trails to them both!


But before we give it the final virtual send-off, I just want to acknowledge that garter stitch is really perfect with beautifully dyed handspun yarns. And yeah, I might have wound up some cake (from handspun via Wound Up Fiber Arts) to make another Rikke Hat.

In fact, at the moment, I see an endless stream of Rikke Hats in front of me. Once I’ve got an n-ply and two-ply Rikke Hat, I might want a singles Rikke Hat. And a three-ply Rikke Hat. And another two-ply Rikke Hat.

Or the feeling might wear off.

Happy Knitting, Friends!

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I may or may not have: A. Dirt B. Ink C. Paint D. Wool under my fingernails.
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