Spun! How Very Seasonal of Me…





That’s 4 ounces of Montadale roving from Esther’s Place in Big Rock, Ill. (a fantastic little yarn & fiber shop if you’re ever in the area…well worth the drive, my friends).

Montadale was our Woolalong breed for the month of October. This was in stash, plus it just really seemed to suit the time of year. The color is called Maple Leaves. Orange, if you’ve ever wondered, is my most favoritest color. So this fiber made me very happy indeed.

I split it evenly, with 3-ply socks in mind.


And I ended up with about what I wanted. 355 yards or so of sportweight.


So. Montadale? It’s a medium wool, and reminds me quite a bit of Corriedale. This had a shorter staple than the Corrie I’m used to, so the spinning was a bit tricksy, but not unbearably so. Every once in a while, it would get away from me, but only when I stopped paying attention.


It also feels a bit softer than most of the Corrie I’ve dealt with, but those things can vary a great deal depending on your source. It floofed up quite a bit on finishing, which surprised me in a happy way. It also softened up a lot on finishing, so if you’ve spun some up and are feeling dismayed at the feel of it, hang tight and withhold your judgment until you’ve given it a spa treatment.

Would I spin it again? Heck yeah. I’d like to give it the long-draw treatment next time. In fact, my very first lessons in long-draw just happened to involve Montadale, which is perhaps one of the reasons why I have a soft spot for this breed.

For now, I’m knitting this lovely orangey stuff into socks:


Happy Spinning, Friends!

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I may or may not have: A. Dirt B. Ink C. Paint D. Wool under my fingernails.
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6 Responses to Spun! How Very Seasonal of Me…

  1. lollyknits says:

    Those socks are going to be amazingly cheerful when it gets cold and grey.. I love the colors! I’ve never really been a huge orange fan, but lately it has just been stealing my heart.. I think it’s the autumn foliage.

  2. Here in northern California, greens are just starting to give way to…ugh, beige. Good to see a lovely splash of orange, even if it’s just on my screen.

  3. k2cuss2 says:

    Orange socks FTMFW. Sudden urge to buy orange fibre rising…

  4. I’m salivating!! That is my favorite color!! I’ve never seen a dye job with orange that beautifully done. In complete awe of the fiber and the handspun. Beautiful!!

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