Not-So-Secret Admirer

Happy Friday!

We all like to stalk admire the work of other knitters and spinners, right? And sometimes (cough, MD Sheep & Wool, cough), we just have to live vicariously through others.

Such being the case, this week I thought I’d bring you a roundup of some other bloggers whose work I’ve been admiring. Maybe you already follow these folks. Maybe not. I promise that each and every one is well worth a visit.

First up, a post from Weekend Knitter Blog about hand combing wool… with most excellent and inspiring photography of the process. This came up right about the time my own Valkyrie Mini Combs arrived, and gave me an extra push past my fear to just get going with it already. 

Here, you’ll find a beautiful new sweater pattern from Julia, who lives in Moth Heaven. This would look fantastic in some handspun. Come to think of it, I’ve been wondering what to make of my Romney fleece…maybe this should be a contender.

Happy third birthday to Owlways Knitting!

Breeds, breeds and more breeds from Maryland Sheep & Wool. (I swoon!)

Didn’t get enough yet? Here’s some more fibery goodness from Maryland.

Another stash-up addict reveals her various Club loves.

Haven’t knit a Color Affection shawl yet? Yarn Harlot’s and Ms. Indigodragonfly’s might get your cast-on wheels spinning.

Look at this cool cabled yarn! What a fantastic, and unexpected, combination. I love how this turned out. The finished project (I’m not giving it away. Go have a look!) is outstanding.

How about some more knock-me-off-my-feet handspun? Can anyone resist that rainbow fiber? (I know I’m having a hard time resisting over here.)

Try to resist the beauty of this sweater from another participant in the SCF & Friends Spin(andKnit)Along. SCF’s Kraken colorway causes much drooling on keyboards. (Runs off to get a towel.)

What have you been admiring lately?

Happy weekend, friends!

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One Response to Not-So-Secret Admirer

  1. NutmegOwl says:

    Thank you so much for the good wishes and for stopping by! BTW – Julia’s sweater pattern was so popular at MDSW at the Spirit Trail Fiberworks booth (its Verdande yarn is featured) that it sold out around noon the first day!

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