Works on Wednesday: Spring Is Here, Must Be Time to Cast on All the Things

Two springs does not a pattern make, but still, I can’t help but notice that I’m doing it again. That thing where I can’t stop casting on projects. It happened last spring, too. And so, this week, I have a lot of works in progress to show you. I’m not sure all of them will stay in progress, but for now, I’m getting a ton of joy out of all these new things to play with.

First off, I’m about a third of the way on my Beech Wood cowl in the handspun BFL for this month’s Woolalong:

This is a fun pattern. A really fun pattern. It’s got a ton of texture, and working it up in the handspun makes it just that much more exciting. I’m also using the Kollage square needles I won during last year’s Tour de Fleece for the first time. (This is the first time I’ve had a project that called for this size needle.) I like the way the needles feel. The joins are a bit too flexible to my taste, but the benefit of that is the cord doesn’t stick out and get all annoying the way circulars sometimes do…

Next, there’s the KBOS-along. I finished my Darjeeling socks (oops–I think I forgot to post about those. Let me get some pics and we’ll talk about them this week), and cast on for the Hickory socks.

Actually, I’ve started them twice now. The first time, I accidentally started knitting the wrong chart, and instead of just ripping back to the end of my ribbing, I ripped the whole thing back. That happens a lot for me with socks.

I was on vacation for much of last week, and the only project I took with me was the SCF&Friends SAL Cardigan. Which means there’s actually been quite a bit of progress on it:

I’m traveling a bit again this week, and will bring this with me. Maybe I’ll be able to get up to sleeves?

This one…

…was sort of an accident. I finished up that pretty organic Merino, and I just had to cast something on with it. I did it yesterday. The pattern is Summer Flies, and I think I’m going to do some modifications to make it bigger since I’m knitting mine in light fingering, and the pattern calls for DK or worsted weight yarn.

And this one…

…(yup, it’s another shawl) is slow going, though I added another row this morning. It just takes a really really long time to knit across three-hundred-and-thirty-something stitches.

The Tropical Lily top for the Little Bird has seen a few repeats.

I don’t think I’m ever going to be a big fan of knitting with cotton, but I won’t deny it’s pretty.

You don’t think we’re finished yet, right?

We’re not finished yet.

This is going to be a colorwork hat, knit out of some handspun Finn. This is the oldest handspun yarn in my stash, and it only seems right to make it into something instead of letting it sink to the bottom forever.


Still not done:

I really just want to do everything lacy right now, don’t I? This is going to be an Indigo Bay scarf. I’ve long been wanting to knit one of Kieran Foley’s patterns. I just finally fell down in this week of casting on everything. The yarn is Malabrigo Lace in the color Whale’s Road.

Nope still not done. See that yarn? It was on the needles, being knit into a pair of Sweet Fern Mitts, but I wasn’t terribly happy about knitting mitts in a cream-colored yarn. Seemed a recipe for stained mitts, yes? Also, I noticed after a couple of pattern repeats that I hadn’t paid attention to the errata and was knitting them wrong. They would have been fine…but it was bothering me.

So I ripped them back, and dyed the yarn this weekend. They’re actually already on the needles again, and through several repeats.

That’s all the knitting. For now.

Oh wait! No, it’s not all. There’s also the Wolfsbane Shawl. I don’t have an updated picture of it, because it’s in the last third, when all pictures just look like a lumpy pile of knitting, but rest assured that I have not forgotten it. Or cast it aside. I’m trying to get through one full repeat each week. That means it’ll still take me another month or so, but hey! at least it’s moving along.

Now that’s all the knitting.

Hmmmm, actually, it’s probably good I’ll be away from the stash–and temptation–this weekend.

As far as the non-knitting goes, I warped and started on the scarf out of the Cormo-Alpaca-Silk I showed you last time:

The warp is mostly dark dark gray, with a few burgundy stripes running through it, until you get to one edge, which is bright Bright BRIGHT! I’m not sure if I like it or not, but I’m willing to keep going and finish it to find out.

And finally, I’ve knocked through a couple more things on the wheel and right now am occupied by this Organic Merino:

This is the February 2012 Southern Cross Fibre Club shipment. I have 8 ounces, and the color is Barn Raising. Actually, make that “colors.” There are four of them. Here’s a pic of the fiber.

I’m spinning each color separately. And since I’ve gotten through quite a bit of fiber this month, I’m allowing myself to spin a bit thinner, so it might take a bit to finish. I’ve got one ounce finished so far, and had to stop when I noticed my drive band was frayed. I usually clean up my wheel every time I change a drive band, so I’ll try to get that done tonight and then keep moving along on this.

That’s it for now. Hopefully all this casting on was enough to satiate me for the time being.

Happy Wool-Sniffing, Friends!

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