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June: A Resolution Update

(To try to avoid forgetting that there were things I meant to do, I’d like to quickly check in here. It’s a monthly thing…) Goal 1: Finish the Things If you recall, I believed at the end of May that … Continue reading

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Linkys! (Because Someone Else Is Always Being Amazing)

It is not difficult to get lost for hours days in the Interwebz, just looking at things to do with knitting and spinning. Strike that. Just looking at blogs about knitting and spinning. And, of course, knitting and spinning aren’t … Continue reading

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I Hate Finishing Things Just to Put Them Away to Wait for Cold Weather, But at Least It’s Done.

Ha. (Being an editor, sometimes you’re just too darn tempted to break rules. The one about too many words in a headline? Successfully broken. So there.) Warning, much nonsensical-but-relatively-harmless rambling ahead. Read at your own risk… Anyway, it’s true, you know. … Continue reading

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Handspun Done: Shiny! Red! Silk!

Oops, sorry. I got a little excited. Really, I don’t mean to, but this next spin was a doozy. It was my first attempt at spinning silk. Just silk. I always wondered why silk comes in 2-ounce bits, instead of the … Continue reading

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It’s About Time…

I mean, it’s about time. This post. Sort of. Eventually. First, let me ramble. You don’t mind, right? (Who am I kidding? I’m mostly talking to myself, anyway, and I know I don’t mind my rambling…) This morning as I … Continue reading

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Woolalonging for June…

Each month brings new fiber, yarn and projects in the Woolalong, even if you haven’t finished last month’s (or the month before, or the month before that). The good news is, by the end of this week, I actually will … Continue reading

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Color Adventures: Little Bird’s Leaves

Lately, I’ve been really into red for some reason. I think it started with an idea that I should work more methodically to understand how different colors play against each other, and as a primary color, red seemed to be … Continue reading

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