The Fiber Diet Encounters PMS

Yeah. That’s right. Remember how I said I was putting myself on a fiber diet before the wool takes over the house?

Well, this month anyway, the diet didn’t take.

I think it would have been okay, but that hormonally-driven mood of consumption consumed me on payday. It was payday. And I was at the height of the PMS. And I was trying really, really hard to not fall into my usual bad habit of alternately eating everything salty and everything sweet in the world house.

And instead of doing that…well, let me just show you what I did.

You know about the Manx Loaghtan. And, to be fair, I did tell myself that Woolalong yarn and fiber was an exception to the diet rule:

That was 5 balls of yarn from Cornish Wools.

Plus 8 ounces of Manx Loaghtan roving from International Fleeces.

If this were all…or even if there were only a bit more than this, it wouldn’t be a problem. And if I remember, I promised myself that I wouldn’t get more ounces of fiber than had been spun in the previous month, or more yards of yarn than had been knit. So there’s room for stashing…just less room. The added bonus was to be extra dollars for things that aren’t wool. Things like shoes. And plumbers.

But back to the topic at hand.

First, I fell to the temptation of additional fiber from International Fleeces. At least all three of these are things I don’t already have in my stash. They’re also interesting blends that I really wanted to try.

There’s 8 ounces of black Shetland and silk:

Then there was 8 ounces of this Bluefaced Leicester and Seacell:

Then there was 4 ounces of Cheviot and Silk:

If I had stopped here, I would have been within my limits.

Alas, I did not stop here.

I’d been coveting a couple of things from Cloudlover for a while, so I fell down and picked those up, too. There’s this Merino-cashmere-silk in the colorway Morel:

And then, because it seemed silly to just buy one braid, there is this Merino-bamboo-silk in the colorway Chutney:

It should stop here, right?


It didn’t stop here.

I spun up that Jacob-Shetland, and immediately started coveting more Jacob. I found some that I liked, and then actually managed to not order it immediately. I was so proud.

But then I couldn’t stop thinking about it. The whole drive home. All through dinner. And I fell down again.

While I was online, I happened by the Spunky Club group on Ravelry, and someone had posted their spunup April club fiber. I get a double dose every month, so I already had 8 ounces, but seeing it spun up made me want enough for a vest or a short-sleeved cardi.

I got 8 more ounces.

(And we won’t even mention the fact that 8 more ounces of May’s Spunky Club fiber will be winding their way toward me some time next week, will we?)

All together, I think I went over my fiber allowance by about 1 1/2 pounds.

Then there was the yarn…

I told you I saw the Sebasco vest on Stash Knit Repeat, right?¬†Well, since I was already picking up sock yarn for a baby sweater….see for yourself.

Here’s the baby sweater yarn. (That’s Pagewood Farms Chugiak in the Army Girl colorway):

Then there’s the Berroco Ultra Alpaca for the Sebasco vest:

And then, well, I have no idea why I added this now. I’ve been wanting to knit the Nightingale Socks for a while now, so I went ahead and picked up some Malabrigo Sock in appropriate-looking colors:

I have no plan to cast on for this pattern anytime soon, so don’t ask me what made me do it. It was a chocolate substitute. That’s all I can figure.

Actually, the yarn…that wasn’t quite so bad. Because this is it. But the fiber…


Admitting the problem (is there a problem?) is the first step toward…

Oh, who am I kidding? As long as payday keeps falling on PMS-is-driving-me-mad day, I’m screwed.

But I promise, I will try to do better in June.

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