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May…A Resolution Update

(To try to avoid forgetting that there were things I meant to do, I’d like to quickly check in here. It’s a monthly thing…) Goal 1: Finish the Things (Wherein I attempt to put long-languishing WIPs to bed…) A Big … Continue reading

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Handspun Done: It’s Raining on the Yellow Brick Road

This next spin was fast. Really fast. Strangely fast. So fast that I found myself wondering if Ms. Amy of Spunky Eclectic is adding something addictive to her fiber. Because I Could. Not. Stop. Spinning. It. Which was the case … Continue reading

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Color Adventures: Spring Flowers

“Spring flowers – they don’t last too long. Birthday party and a funeral song.” –Dave Ramont, “April” (Because I still. can’t. stop. listening to his record.) Anyway…it’s totally black outside right now. Or, well…green-gray anyway. So how about a little color … Continue reading

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Cormo Chapter 6: That Wasn’t Very Exciting…But…

You get a bit spoiled on those lovely hand-dyed colorways, don’t you? And then when you decide to spin a pound–an entire pound!–of something natural-colored, it tends to be a little less exciting. No girlish giggles as you see the … Continue reading

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Wrap Me Up

I finished a long lost WIP over the weekend. I started this shawl a little over a year ago, then set it aside when the Holiday Knitting Insanity took over my knitting life. And around a month ago, I picked … Continue reading

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Oh Rats, er…Rat!*

Today I have a quick little knit for you. Uh…for those of you with a sense of humor, anyway… This is the Squashed Rat Knitted Bookmark, and I think it’s one of the funniest things ever. I made this in … Continue reading

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Color Adventures: Robin Redbreast

I’m drowning in in the midst of a long, long piece of writing for work, so just a quick post today. I’ve been inspired by spring colors for the past couple of weeks, but I don’t want it to all … Continue reading

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